10 02, 2017

When your heart puts on a backpack and goes off to school

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Last week Jake, my youngest child, started prep (first official year of school in Melbourne, Australia).

At 6:30am, he walked out of his room, fully dressed, with his back pack on his back and asked if we could go to school now.

It seems like just overnight he went from kindergarten to wearing a school uniform,

15 01, 2017

Memory Postcards of 2016

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As the year turned over another digit, I found it interesting how many people were joyfully saying goodbye to 2016. Everywhere seemed to be articles and opinions as to why society should be glad to see the back of 2016. And yet I feel the complete opposite. When I think back to 2016, it

13 01, 2017

The art of being a true artist

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Most of my friends know that I am a planner and organiser. When it comes to school holidays, I plan lots of activities for the kids and most of them involve an outing of some sort. This could be anything from something specific booked in advance to the simpler activities such as a scooter ride at

31 12, 2016

A magical place on earth

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About 15 years ago, my husband (who was not even my boyfriend at the time) and I visited Fraser Island as backpackers with a group of friends. It was an amazing holiday filled with XXXX beer, 8 people crowded into a 4WD, being bogged down from not adhering to beach sand driving and some