3 02, 2018

There will always be tomorrow

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On Thursday 1st February, my kids started the new school year. It was a pretty shitty day.

Whilst Jake was jumping out of bed with excitement and smiles, Evie pulled the covers over her head and refused to get out of bed, refused to talk to anyone, refused to get dressed, etc. etc. This had a

25 11, 2017

An 8 year old Birthday Interview

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Ever since the kids were born, I have been recording small but meaningful manifestos of their lives…who they are, what they say and do, little quirks that make them uniquely them. Throughout the year I make notes here and there and try to capture as much as possible, as I know that these small

2 09, 2017

You remind me of your great grandfather

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Your great Grandfather Barney was an absolute “salt of the earth” soul. You are too young at the moment to know what this means, but it is someone who is genuine, kind, thoughtful and puts others before themselves.

A few days ago, on the way to school, you offered to read this book to Jake.

26 11, 2016

A 7 year old birthday interview

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Evie’s 7 th Birthday Interview
24 Nov 2016
How old are you ?   Seven
Who is your best friend?    Saskia
What is your favourite thing to do at school?  Read rainbow Magic
What is your favourite colour?       Purple
What is your favourite food?      Pasta
What’s your worst food?  Peanut Butter
What song do you like to sing? Thank you for the music